Proactive screenings that can save your life.

Proactive screenings that can save your life.

Proactive screenings that can save your life.

Invaluable investments in your health.

State-of-the-art advanced technologies can provide you and your family a peace of mind knowing that no potential health issues in your body will go undetected, allowing you to prioritize your well-being and take proactive steps towards maintaining optimal health.

Get a comprehensive examination of your entire body for early detection of any potential health issues with one of these scans:

Galleri Early Cancer Detection

Cleerly Heart Scan (CCTA)

Prenuvo Whole Body MRI

What is it?

This is an advanced cutting edge annual blood test designed to identify early-stage cancers even before symptoms become apparent.

Detecting cancer at an early stage significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. With regular screening, you can attain peace of mind knowing that potential cancer risks are being monitored, providing you with an opportunity to take action against cancer in its early stages, when treatments are most effective.

This test operates by analyzing circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) present in the blood. It looks for genetic mutations and other specific alterations that are typical of cancer cells. By examining cfDNA, the Grail Cancer Screen can detect indications of over 50 different types of cancer.

How is the test performed?

The Galleri test is a simple blood draw. The entire appointment will take approximately 15 minutes.

*EverSpan Mobile phlebotomy available in Austin, TX and Sacramento, CA.

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What is it?

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the USA. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most common type of heart disease.

In many persons, the coronary arteries are building up plaque over the years without any symptoms. Later in life, this plaque can cause severe cardiac complications such as heart attacks, strokes and death.

The Cleerly scan provides a thorough evaluation of the presence of plaque, extent of build up, narrowing of the arteries, type of plaque in the heart's arteries and the overall health of the heart.

We can identify and treat any abnormalities in your cardiac vessels before they cause permanent damage, diagnose coronary artery disease, assess your risk of heart attacks and strokes, and determine appropriate treatment options

It can be used to track and evaluate cardiac changes over time.

What does it involve?

The Cleerly CCTA (coronary computed tomography angiography) is screening of your heart. This is an imaging technique and is non-invasive. The entire scan is completed in a CT machine.

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What is it?

The Prenuvo Scan is a whole-body MRI scan.

It captures high-resolution images of the entire body to provide detailed information about various organs, tissues, and structures. Over 2000 images are collected and analyzed. There are two scans offered.

Whole Body Scan

This scan is used to detect tumors as small as 1cm, including prostate, cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancers in the pelvis.

The head and neck scan looks for cancers, brain aneurysms, small vessel ischemia (stroke risk factor), previous strokes, and sinus issues.

It includes a detailed spine evaluation to detect disc herniation, spinal cord abnormalities, and spinal degeneration.

Also scans for musculoskeletal conditions, fatty liver disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Enhanced Whole Body Scan

This scan is the Whole Body Scan with a Neuroquant and Hepafat scan.

Neuroquant is an in depth MRI screening of the volume and integrity of brain structures, helping to diagnose and monitor neurological conditions and assess overall brain health. It generates a report that shows any abnormalities and their severity.

This information assists in assessing conditions like Alzheimer's disease as well as other neurodegenerative conditions.

Hepafat assesses the amount of fat accumulation in the liver. The purpose is to identify and quantify the extent of fatty liver disease, a condition characterized by the accumulation of excess fat in the liver cells.

Whole Body Scan:


Enhanced Whole Body Scan:


Live well. Live long.

Live well. Live long.

Our goal is to enhance healthspan and extend lifespan.

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